Who We Are

Gary started his career as a Marketing Support Mgr for the home and pro-audio company Cerwin-Vega! Inc. He landed a career as a Technical Manager, and later became an Assistant Vice President in the telecommunications industry. Gary has supported numerous artists by contributing to crowd funded recording projects throughout the years. He started this venture to continue to support  artists, by creating an artist friendly label and allow them to keep their creativity flowing.


Art Director

Nicolette Vilar

Nicolette has agreed to be the Art Director, working as a Freelance artist. She also brings great experience in recording and and live performance as the lead singer of Go Betty Go.

Nicolette started her career as lead singer of the all girl punk band, Go Betty Go. In 2005 she departed the band and set out to become a graphic designer by attending The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. She graduated with honors in 2010 and began working in the print department at Mojo, an advertising agency dedicated to designing key art for movies and television. In 2012 Nicolette re-joined forces with Go Betty Go and soon after they released the crowd funded EP ‘Reboot’.

Nicolette continues to design for the entertainment industry as a freelancer Art Director.
You can read an article about her and see samples of her design work at

Check out Go Betty Go’s website: